speed up

Fast-forward 38 days. Very, very fast.

But here’s one very slow, painfully still moment: December 4th. I can only liken it to the day of some big exam, the one a whole grade, the entire semester, a major scholarship, one’s college education hinges on. Except it was bigger.

December 4th had the potential to be either the best or the worst day of my life. Of our lives, me and the Missus. We’re at the hospital for her first evaluation and, if it can show anything, for an ultrasound. (Or, er, a more invasive camera — didn’t come to that, thankfully.)

I had an ultrasound used on me before; when I had alarming pains in my side, I was whisked to the Emergency Room and prodded under the ribcage in case I was having a gall bladder attack. With, perhaps, the nicest technician ever operating the device, the Missus and I had a much more positive experience. Particularly when a little bean appeared on the screen with a flickering sac pounding at an estimated 178 beats per minute.

The tech wiggled the cursor at the bean’s image on the screen. “There’s its head. And its little bottom.” (more…)


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the something neuron

Before the Missus and I got Cat #1 and Cat #2, I really didn’t get cat jokes. That is, as a kid I loved reading Garfield, and I always chuckled when Cartman yelled, “No, kitty, it’s my pot pie! Bad kitty!” on South Park. But I didn’t understand the personalities of cats, all of their peculiarities, that added an extra level of knowing humor to some jokes. Now, though, when I watch a Meow Mix commercial, I nod my head instead of rolling my eyes. I get it now.


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pound for pound

I am out of shape. Not in any health-endangering way, I don’t think. But just shy of the “keep your shirt on around poolside” out of shape.

This is put into sharp relief by my parents’ relative fitness. They’re reasonably close to being model specimens. Dad could have better eyesight and flexibility; Mom could have more strength. Really, though, they’re outstanding.

Physically, I identify most with my late Grandfather. He was a hefty guy. I was reassured recently when my Mom reminded me that, in addition to passing away from cancer, it was high blood pressure that dogged him all his life–no matter what weight he was. That doesn’t get me off the hook medically, but at the very least it keeps me from associating fat with mortality.

Maybe I should, though, especially with Something coming. (more…)

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